Monday, 8 September 2014

The Second Battle of Chippawa; A What if? Scenario

Our gaming group played Lundy's Lane, which ended in a draw. I opted to skip the Seige of Fort Erie as the British could not have won. After the failed Seige the British withdrew to the North bank of the Chippawa. Izard's Division marched to join Brown's division at this time. The British were outnumbered around 3 to 2 by the now professional American army. Brown proposed Izard ford the Chippawa to the West of the British and flank their fortifications while Brown's Division pinned them there. The attack preparations had begun when Izard called off the attack. Rather than have the Niagara campaign of 1814 end in a draw we fought this battle.

In our scenario the British are defeated, badly. I was playing the Light division on the left of the British position. Our entire right was routed by the Americans. Our army failed its morale check and ran.

The British did have two rocket batteries, but one blew itself up!

In the middle, the 19th Light Dragoons defeat the 2nd US Light Dragoons and pursue them off the field.

The last of the British right flees the field.

The 3rd New York Hussars and 8th New York Light Dragoons threaten the British Left.

The situation in the middle right before the British rout.