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The Battle of North Point Scenario Rules and Order of Battle

The Battle of North Point
September 12th, 1814

                       A contemporary view of the battle from the American side.

    A view from above from the British side.

You can see the disposition of troops in this map.
A map showing the overall Battle of Baltimore. Unlike New Orleans and Plattsburgh, the army sent to Baltimore was sent to raid and cause havoc not to occupy. When they saw the defences at Baltimore they withdrew. They had defeated two American armies, one at Bladensburg, and one at North Point. They would almost certainly not have taken the defences at Baltimore. The British suffered quite a few casualties at North Point, and General Ross had been killed just before the battle. The campaign had been successful in many ways, but had not been without cost. This British force went on to be defeated at New Orleans and then to successfully capture Fort Bowyer.

The most famous part of the battle. The 5th Maryland Volunteers stood up to the British volley after volley. They were the last Americans to leave the field, and left it in relatively good order.

Here are the forces that were gathering just a few kilometres away from the battle of North Point. There were 20 000 militia with 100 cannons in defensive positions at Hampstead Hill. Definitely more than the 3600 British that remained after North Point could handle. The British goal in the Chesapeake had been to destroy shipping, infrastructure that supported the war effort and cause havoc. In that regard it had been successful. The British had beaten two armies, burned down the Americans capital. This force made about 30 successful raids as well. Their lack of success in the Chesapeake was that they could not take Fort McHenry or get to Baltimore to burn the American fleet and harbour. The British marched back to their ships to head to New Orleans, their greatest loss of the war. The same force captured Fort Bowyer in Georgia after their loss of New Orleans, in the last battle of the war. 

1 Man = 15 
2 Guns = 3

British / Canadian Scenario Rules

Victory Conditions; The British have to rout the Americans.

1. British Infantry Shooting in Line Bonus; British / Canadian infantry get +1 to shooting rolls when in line. Militia and Indians do not get this bonus.

British Order of Battle
Colonel Arthur Brook (44th Foot) (Average)

1st (Light) Brigade
Colonel William Thornton (Average)

85th (Bucks Volunteers) Regiment of Light Infantry (845 men) x30 and X30 (Veteran)
+1 morale
Can refuse a flank
+1 to shooting in line
*Up to 50% of each unit can skirmish

Light Companies 4th, 21st, 44th (214 men) X15 (Veteran)
(Aprox. 65men from  4th, 88men from 21st, 61men from 44th)
+1 morale
Can refuse a flank
+1 to shooting in line
*Entire formation can skirmish

2nd Brigade
Unknown Command (Average)
*Arthur Brook had been in charge, but was the senior commander after Ross was killed.
4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot (630-63 men) x36 (Veteran) 
+1 morale
Can refuse a flank
+1 to shooting in line

44th Foot (East Essex) Regiment of Foot (610-61 men) x36 (Line)
+1 to shooting in line

Provisional Marine Battalion (Total 405 men) X30 (Line)
Royal Marines Ships Company (80 men) 
2nd Colonial Marines (90men) *these were former slaves
Naval Landing Party (235 men)
*Counts as Light Infantry
+1 melee
+1 to shooting in line
Can deploy up to 50% as skirmishers

3rd Brigade
Colonel Patterson (Average)

21st(Royal North British Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot (884-88 men) x48 (Line)
+1 to shooting in line

2nd Battalion Royal Marines (687 men) x40 (Elite)
*Counts as Light Infantry
+1 to shooting
+1 morale
+1 melee
Can refuse a flank
+1 to shooting in line
Can form open order

Total 4 Guns,  Royal Marine Rocket Section; 473 Artillerymen and 56 Miners and Sappers

Royal Foot Artillery (4 6 Pounders) X3 Guns
+1 Morale

Royal Marines Rocket Section X1 Rocket (Veteran)
+1 Morale

Rocket Rules
-Range of 48 inches, must have line of sight, may fire overhead
Roll 2 D6
12 Direct and devastating hit. Six casualties. Consult double six table
11 – 9 Target unit lose 1 casulty and falters BUA’s set alight.
8-4 Miss
3 The nearest friendly unit to the rocket battery is hit by stray rockets and loses two casulties.
2 Rockets double back and strike ammunition. Rocket battery completely destroyed. (Rout)

American Army Scenario Rules
Victory Conditions; The Americans have to hold up the British for 10 turns.

1. Linear Tactics; Line units in the same brigade have to have the same formation except to go around terrain and other units.

2. Chosen Men; Up to 12 men maybe deployed as Chosen Men (Rifles). They roll 2D6 per 4 figures. They can form part of the skirmish screen or operate independently. They do not need to stay within 18 inches of close order units. This unit has a range of 17 inches.

3. Ammunition Problems; American troops carried less ammunition than their British counter parts, and had logistical problems becoming resupplied during battles. Any American infantry unit which rolls a double one for their shooting roll in any turn but their first turn is at half ammunition (inflicts half casualties). A unit will be at full ammunition that does not move or fire for one turn.

4. Cover; The fence visible in the map above in which the American troops took position provide -2 to be hit and +1 morale. Troops in the forest get -1 to be hit and +1 morale.

American Order of Battle
Brigadier General John Stricker (Average)

3rd Maryland Brigade
Brigadier General John Stricker (Average)

5th Maryland Volunteers 550 men x36 (2nd Line)
-1 morale
-round down half casualties 

6th Maryland Militia 620 men  x40 (Conscript)
-1 morale
-1 melee
-2 firing modifier

27th Maryland Militia 500 men  x30 (Conscript)
-1 morale
-1 melee
-2 firing modifier

39th Maryland Militia 450 men  x30 (Conscript)
-1 morale
-1 melee
-2 firing modifier

51st Maryland Militia 700 men  x48 (Conscript)
-1 morale
-1 melee
-2 firing modifier

1st Maryland Rifles 140 men  x9 (Second Line)
*Chosen Men
Union Jagers (German Unit), Fell's Point Rifles, Baltimore Sharpshooters
-1 morale

1st Maryland Artillery (4 X 4 pounders) 3 Cannons (Conscript) *Centre
-1 morale
-1 melee
-1 firing modifier

1st Maryland Artillery (2 X 4 pounders) 1 Cannon (Conscript) *American Left
-1 morale
-1 melee
-1 firing modifier

Cavalry *Independent Unit
Lieutenant Colonel James Blays

5th Maryland Cavalry (140 men Total) (Enthusiastic Conscripts) X10
Baltimore Hussars (50 men), Independent Light Dragoons (35men), Maryland Chasseurs (35men), Fells Point Light Dragoons (20 men) *estimates
-1 morale
-1 melee

Updated War of 1812 Game List

I have acquired a fort suitable for Fort Meigs, Fort Stephenson. In addition I have updated the scenario rules for Plattsburgh (which had errors). Here is my updated list. I have been too busy with work and kids to do much with any of these lately, though I plan on doing a post on some of my newest scenery. The bolded ones have been fought, I have bolded and italicized those that I have made rules for but have not played.

TippeCanoe *Technically not part of the War of 1812. 
November 7th

Queenstown Heights *Coming up soon
October 13th

January 22nd

Battle of York
April 27th

Siege of Fort Meigs
May 1st

Battle of Fort George
May 27th

Battle of Sackett's Harbour
May 29th

Battle of Stoney Creek
June 6th

Battle of Beaver Dams
June 24th

Battle of the Thames
October 5th

Battle of Chateauguay
October 26th

Skirmish at Hoople's Creek
November 10th

Battle of Crysler's Farm
November 11th

What If? The Battle of Montreal
November 14th

Battle of Longwoods
March 4th

Battle of Lacolle Mills
March 30th

Battle of Fort Oswego
May 6th

Battle of Chippawa
July 5th

Battle of Lundy's Lane
July 25th

Mackinac Island
August 4th

Seige of Fort Erie
August 15th to September 17th

Battle of Bladensburg *Coming up soon
August 24th

Battle of Plattsburgh *Updated, we will refight this one
September 11th

Battle of North Point *Coming up soon
September 12th

Battle of Cook's Milks
October 19th

What If? The Second Battle of Chippawa

Battle of New Orleans *Coming up soon
January 8th