Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Newest Brigade Games Releases

Some great new miniatures from Brigade Games.

Caldwell's Western Rangers. Fought at Moraviantown, Lundy's Lane, and many other actions in the West. Knuckleduster also make these guys.

British / Canadian artillery men.

Frontier Militia. These would represent Kentucky or Tennessee militia.

Full Range of American Militia Infantry

Knuckleduster have released 3 new units for the War of 1812 which are great additions to the American militia ranges. The new units are Virginian Infantry, Lafayette's pirate gunners (New Orleans), and District of Columbia Militia (Bladensburg). 

For most of the war the majority of uniformed soldiers in New York and Massachusetts would have been uniformed as above. Many other states would have had this uniform as well. 

At Plattsburgh the Vermont militia were largely ununiformed. In addition, a portion of any militia force would have been ununiformed.

A large portion of the American at Bladensburg were District of Columbia Militia.

Virginian infantry were present at Bladensburg, as well as in the West.

Frontier Militia, mainly Kentuckians were the majority of militia in the West and were also at New Orleans. These troops can also be used to represent various militia rifle units (for example NY rifles).