Sunday, 9 April 2017

Updated War of 1812 Game List

I have acquired a fort suitable for Fort Meigs, Fort Stephenson. In addition I have updated the scenario rules for Plattsburgh (which had errors). Here is my updated list. I have been too busy with work and kids to do much with any of these lately, though I plan on doing a post on some of my newest scenery. The bolded ones have been fought, I have bolded and italicized those that I have made rules for but have not played.

TippeCanoe *Technically not part of the War of 1812. 
November 7th

Queenstown Heights *Coming up soon
October 13th

January 22nd

Battle of York
April 27th

Siege of Fort Meigs
May 1st

Battle of Fort George
May 27th

Battle of Sackett's Harbour
May 29th

Battle of Stoney Creek
June 6th

Battle of Beaver Dams
June 24th

Battle of the Thames
October 5th

Battle of Chateauguay
October 26th

Skirmish at Hoople's Creek
November 10th

Battle of Crysler's Farm
November 11th

What If? The Battle of Montreal
November 14th

Battle of Longwoods
March 4th

Battle of Lacolle Mills
March 30th

Battle of Fort Oswego
May 6th

Battle of Chippawa
July 5th

Battle of Lundy's Lane
July 25th

Mackinac Island
August 4th

Seige of Fort Erie
August 15th to September 17th

Battle of Bladensburg *Coming up soon
August 24th

Battle of Plattsburgh *Updated, we will refight this one
September 11th

Battle of North Point *Coming up soon
September 12th

Battle of Cook's Milks
October 19th

What If? The Second Battle of Chippawa

Battle of New Orleans *Coming up soon
January 8th