Thursday, 23 June 2016

Naval Wargaming Update

I have printed out all the ships necessary for all the lakes battles and ocean battles. It's something like 80 ships. Around 1/3 of those are gunboats. 
The 1:450 scale USS General Pike / USS Saratoga (they have the same dimensions and number of guns).

Here it is with my larger 1:300 version. I tried this scale but realized the larger ships were just too large. At 1:600 this ship would be about 2.5 inches. This is the largest ship on Lake Ontario until the end of 1813. All American ships seem to have been razed (no quarter deck, forecastle or poop deck) and since the British seemed to copy them near the end of the war it seems may have been a better design. The 1:300 has 1/8 wooden dowel masts and the 1:450 has masts made from barbecue skewers that are around 3/32. I also have craft sticks that are 1/16 but they are only 7 cm. they will be my masts for smaller vessels. 

Here is the USS Pike beside the future USS New Orleans. To make this ship the right scale I have enlarged the first rater ship an additional 10% more than the other ships. The British will have 3 first raters and the Americans 2 for my 1815 "What If?" Scenarios. Each side will have an additional 3 or 4 4th and 5th rate ships but the American ships tended to be larger.  In 1815 the British were getting a more competent and aggressive admiral than Yeo. 

I'm starting off with the 1813 fleets on Lake Ontario. Basically 10 American ships to 6 British. The British were usually outgunned in every lake up until the end of 1814. 

Here is the USS Pike beside the smallest level of ship. A 60 tonne gunboat. Normally at 1:300 this kit would be just over 2 inches. At 1:450 (shown) it's just under an inch and a half.